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Mermaid Dreams Mini Art Quilt

Mixed Media Art Quilt Workshop

Service Description

Unleash your creativity with Kathleen's Mermaid dreams mini quilt workshop. Learn the art of mixed media quilting as create a scrappy raw edge patchwork background. With additional instruction on applique designs and machine embroidery, you'll be able to personalize and create a unique work of art. This workshop is a two day workshop and is available in person or online. A list of supplies for online workshops will be provided, and supplies for in-person workshops can be provided as a kit with an additional cost. This workshop will include a brief introduction on the history of art quilts, and what makes a mixed media art quilt, and Kathleen's own personal process when creating her own mixed media art quilts. Students will then create their own fabric collage background, hand cut appliques, and embellish with machine quilting and embroidery.

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